What Causes Back Pain?
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Back pain is one of the reasons most people visit a doctor. It can prevent you from carrying out your day to day duties. Acute back pain which lasts for less than three months is more common than chronic back pain which lasts longer. The back is made of bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints and any injury on these could result in back pain. Here are the major causes of lower back pain.



When the body ligaments and muscles are strained the back normally experiences some pain. The strain could result from bad posture, and that is why it is recommended that people sit upright. It could also be as a result of lifting heavy weights.




Ruptured Disks

Disks cushion every vertebra in the spine. Wear and tear cause raptures disks. When a disk ruptures, the nerves get pressured, and this causes back pain. Bulging disks have a similar effect.



This can result in problems in various joints such as the back. It happens when the bones and cartilage break down. Sometimes it results in narrowing of the area surrounding the spinal cords causing back pain. It is common for people from mid-thirties upwards.



Fractures, muscle strains, sprains, falls and car accidents can also cause back pain. Strain or sprain of muscles which support the spine can lead to back pain. This mainly happens when one lifts and twists something all at once. Car accidents can also badly injure once back, and other body parts are leading to back pain.


Lifestyle Habits

The things you do or you don’t do can cause back pain. For instance, if you like slouching at a desk, then this strains your back, and you are likely to experience back pain. Another thing is being obese. Being overweight means that your back has to support more weight beyond its potential. Also, wearing high heels for long hours causes back pain. Other habits include smoking, lifting heavy objects, not being fit, etc.


Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

This is the period before a woman gets her menstrual period. It is mainly characterized by mood swings, cramps, and pain around the uterus. Cramping of the uterus refers the pain to the back causing back cramps and in some cases pelvic pain. Painkillers and dry heat are highly effective in reducing this kind of pain.



Many women complain of back pain especially as the pregnancy advances. The increase in the baby’s size and weight tends to cause a forward tilt of the woman’s pelvis. This causes pain on the lower back of the woman. To reduce this pain, a woman can wear garments to support the pregnancy and maintain proper posture.


backpain Other Causes of Back Pain include Endometriosis, Kidney Infection, Scoliosis and Spondylitis

Treatment of back pain mainly depends on the cause of the pain, your age, and your pain. It ranges from drugs, change of lifestyle habits, medication and or surgical procedures. If you have been experiencing back pain for some time, visit a doctor for specialized treatment.


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