The Normal And Abnormal ECG Readings
ECG readings 35

The heart is an important organ in the human body that circulates blood through its rhythmic contractions and expansions. It follows a defined pattern for “heartbeats” that are regulated the electric signals, which are generated in the cardiac region. These signals are produced by SA node and AV node. If there is a problem with heart functioning, experts can study the heart beats by using Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine. The ecg interpretation and results are very useful as they help cardiologists to read and interpret your heart condition.

ECG readings are presented in a graph known as PORST or waves. One unit comprises of the P wave, ST wave, and QRS complex. The first wave shows auricles contraction and the second one represents ventricles contraction. On the other hand, the ST ECG readings 33wave shows expansion and relaxation of ventricles when they are filled with blood from your auricles.

The various waves, which are connected to each other, show expansion and contraction of ventricles and auricles regulating the flow of blood. This information is obtained by placing electrodes on various parts of the body such as legs and arms. Usually, 10 to 12 points are connected to this machine. The ECG readings are interpreted in various ways: abnormal readings, death condition, and normal readings.

Normal ECG shows problems with your heart’s rhythm and conduction of heat beat. The readings can help discover various problems and the patient’s response to treatment. The procedure can be done if there are symptoms of angina (chest pain), breathing difficulties, palpitations and fainting. The machine can be used to show coronary artery disease and medication effects on it. It may also reveal the past heart attack or causes for a fast or slow heartbeat. Moreover, it can be used to demonstrate thickening of ECG readings 34the heart muscle and determining the mineral content of your blood.

You should note that ECG tests are not exhaustive and cannot be used to trace an underlying considerable heart disease. Therefore, additional tests are needed. If you want to use the machine by yourself, you read more about it and watch medical videos online.

Electrocardiogram tests are harmless and do not have any danger at all. These tests are taken when a patient is at rest. There are times when thickening of coronary artery or coronary disease is not tested. Sometimes a patient may experience chest pain, which is resolved by the exercise. Exercise tests must be performed under the supervision of doctors.


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