The Most Common Dental Procedures

Tooth issues are often uncomfortable. Visiting the dentist might also sound scary. However, we must visit the dentist to get fixed. The Hammond Dentist by offer all types of dental procedures. There are several dental procedures which we will come across at the dentist.

The various dental procedures


Bonding is a restorative procedure. It is used to repay teeth that are decayed, discolored or fractured. It can also use to close tooth gaps. Bonding doesn’t necessarily require a laboratory. Bonging entails using tooth enamel to repair the teeth.


Braces have been subject to evolution over time. A brace is used to align the teeth and correct bite related issues. hjhjhjhjhjhjhBraces have been known to attract attention. This is because it involves a series of archwires attached to the teeth.

An orthodontic option to braces is the colorless braces. At Hammond, they are referred to as clear correct. They are a clear set of the tray that is used to move teeth into position. They are unnoticeable hence reliable for use.

Teeth whitening

Teeth can be stained or darken over time. Darkening can be due to some certain kinds of food or drugs. Smoking is also one major cause of discoloration of teeth.

Bridges and implants

These are used to replace missing tooth. Bridges are dentures. Implants are artificial roots that support restored tooth. The bridges are holding I place by the neighboring teeth.


This is a common dental procedure. It involves removal of teeth. Teeth that need removal are mostly decayed and fractured teeth.

Fillings and repairs

This method is used for teeth that have been damaged due to trauma and cavities. It is a restorative procedure which entails the use of restorative materials.


Sealants are used to prevent decay of teeth. They are usually applied to molars and premolars. They act as a barrier against decay-causing bacteria. It is being implemented to the chewing surface of the teeth. Advanced dental concept advice that children, between six years and twelve, should have sealants placed on their teeth as soon as they erupt. They help in keeping their teeth clean free of decay.


hhhjjhhjhVeneers are used to repair chipped, decayed and stained teeth. They are also used to close gaps between teeth. They are strong, thin pieces of resin or ceramic material use to bind the teeth. Veneers improve many dental flaws. They take care of general wear and tear of teeth. They prevent discolored teeth. They also cater for misshapen and crooked teeth

The dentist has the ultimate answer to oral problems. These oral procedures are just some of the procedures that are there to fix teeth. Instead of being scared of dentists we should see them often. A dentist is the best person to care for your teeth


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