How to Treat a Cough at Home – The Most Effective Ways
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What is in a Cough?

Coughing is actually perfectly normal. It can help in keeping your throat clear phlegm and other irritants. However, a sustained coughing can be symptomatic for a number of conditions like for example, short-term coughing that lasts for one or two weeks can point to a sinus infection, flu or cold. Bouts of coughing that lasted for a longer time signify another underlying disorder or allergy.

Coughs due to allergies, sinus infections, and colds can be treated with over-the-counter medicines. However, it is best to avoid chemicals. We’ve listed the most effective ways on how to treat a cough at home.

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Honey has been a time-honored remedy as it relieves sore throat and coughing more effectively than medicines containing dextromethorphan (DM) which is a cough suppressant. You can make your own version of it at home by mixing herbal tea with honey, or lemon and warm water. The soothing is caused by the honey while the lemon juice help with the congestion.


Probiotics are the microorganisms that provide a huge number of health benefits. Although it doesn’t relieve coughing directly, it helps balance the gastrointestinal flora which is the bacteria that lives in the intestines. This supports the immune system function all over the body. Some evidence even suggest that Lactobacillus, the bacterium in your dairy, reduce the likelihood of catching flu or cold, and sensitivity to allergens like pollen.

Fortified milk is one of the great sources of Lactobacillus. Although you have to be cautious as dairy can make phlegm thicker.


Cough 03Peppermint leaves and eucalyptus oil are both known for its healing properties. The menthol in peppermint can soothe the throat and act as a decongestant, breaking down mucus. Drinking peppermint tea is a way of benefiting from it but you can also inhale peppermint vapors from steam baths. In making a steam bath, drop four or five drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil and mix it for every 150 mL of hot water. Get a towel and drape it over your head and keep on taking deep breaths above the water well as knowing how to treat a cough at home, you should also learn how to prevent it in the first place. Make sure you get an annual flu shot and wash hands as often as possible. For allergies, flare-ups can be reduced by identifying allergens that can affect you and avoid being exposed to them as much as possible.


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