How To Stay Fit When You Are Over 40
Happy senior couple walking together on a beach

It goes without saying that staying fit when you are in your forties is no easy task. Middle age comes with several other priorities that people tend to forget their bodies. However, it is important to note at this stage that regardless of your age and life’s demands, it is essential to maintain a fitness program.

Maintaining your fitness means a quality life now and hereafter. An active, healthy routine helps in preventing Fitness 03several health concerns that include: bad cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart diseases, depression, muscle and joint aches. This piece of writing seeks to give you the best tips on how to stay fit when you are over 40. They are simple daily activities that fit into your program easily.

Medical examination

You should first see your doctor ascertain your health condition before starting any fitness program especially after a long period of inactivity. Medical clearance is essential since it will tell to what level your exercise should reach so as to avoid causing any further injuries. Having known your health condition, follow below daily routine program


Wake up early enough to have some time to do some exercises such as jumping jacks, jumping rope, a jog or a brisk walk for a few minutes. Taking breakfast is very crucial, skipping it may lead to hunger thus results in bad food choices later in the day. Take complex carbohydrates foods and lean proteins. Walking to the offices if possible is a good exercise adopt. However, if you are using a car, change your routine and park it a little farther from the office so that you can walk. Avoid the lift/elevator and take the stairs.

During the day

Fresh color fruit and juice. Vector illustrationTake a lot of water. Remaining hydrated helps keep off hunger. Consider drinking ice water; your body will have to burn the calories so as to burn the water prior to its digestion. Avoid restaurant food and pack your food so as to avoid uncontrolled calorie intake. Snacks in between meals should also be avoided as much as highly possible.

What to do in the evening

If you have been sitting in the office throughout the day, then evening is the right time for you to do some exercises such as walking or jogging, and riding a bike. Avoid sitting for long at this time. Always get a nice sound sleep. Not sleeping well can lead to weight thus affecting your fitness.

Following the above daily routine tips on how to stay fit when you are over 40 which are very simple to adopt into your daily life will help you to stay healthy as you enjoy your life. It is important to note that you should remain consistent for you to reap the benefits of this routine at this very important stage of life.